A highschool internship at Gateway Computers was Seth Harden’s springboard into the technology sector.

The 36-year-old Iowa native is the CEO and founder of the Statistic Brain Research Institute, an online data and research platform used by millions around the world.

Harden made his way to Los Angeles to begin his Computer Science degree but after 3 years jumped into the world of technology startups, accepting a software development position where he acted as the in-house developer at a technology investment incubator., Excelling in LAMP stack development and Java based web applications, Harden designed, developed, and deployed large scale social networks, an on-demand video platform, desktop music and radio software, and cross-platform business management SaaS tools.

In 2008, Harden registered the fictitious name “Statistic Brain”, said goodbye to the incubator, and began building a better solution to research, verify, and distribute numerical information. Today, is used by more than 30 million people around the globe.

To solidify, validate, and transition his core coding stack to MERN, Seth enrolled in the advanced coding program at the University of California, Irvine from 2014-2016

A year later, Harden expanded the Statistic Brain platform to include a payment system using a custom crypto coin called “StatCoin”.

Statistic Brain allows Harden the to freedom to consider every potential project equally.

Today, Harden is focusing all efforts to on a single technology company “Google. I want to learn from the amazing leadership at Google, while I contribute  part of my development skillsets”.

Seth Michael Harden

I continue to cross back and forth between the software and technology fields and the entertainment industry.


Statistic Brain Research Institute
Founder / CEO

Senior Software Engineer

Orange County

Computer Science : University of Irvine, CA


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